Monday, May 24, 2010

Day Seven:

Leaving Buffalo…we started across Wyoming. This state has a very diverse landscape! We did lots of driving and it kept getting colder! We reached the Big Horn mountain range and the peaks were covered in snow. The mountains were beautiful. When we first laid eyes on the peaks ahead we were ecstatic.

After lots more driving we finally hit Cody, WY. Its a nice little mountain town at the base of another mountain range. We were finally getting close to Yellowstone! After stopping to buy me some pants we started down the road again.

Finally we arrived at Yellowstone! The moment was glorious. We went in the Park and started driving around. We didn’t get to see much of it because it is so big. Josh took us to the place where we will be working to check it out. The actual Lodge where we are both stationed is still closed. It won’t open for another week.

We were both surprised as to how cold it still was. It started snowing while we were there and we learned that there was only one campground open. We suddenly realized that we had no place to stay! We checked with the personnel staff to see if we could rent a dorm room for the night until we figured out what to do. But sadly the answer was no.

After evaluating the situation and checking the forecast of upcoming snow and lows in the twenties, we headed for Bozeman, MT. We weren’t sure where exactly we were going to stay, but heard there was a hostel in the area. Our drive there took us through more of the Park and through more beautiful mountain valleys. It was definitely a nice drive.

Bozeman is a sweet mountain, hippie town. We loved it! We found the Bozeman Backpackers Hostel near Main St. As soon as we entered the house we were greeted by other fellow travelers. It was so cool. A few of the people there were from Moldova ( a small country between Romania and Ukraine.). And another guy from Australia and from other places too.

That night we tried a local pizza place and it was better than MPC. (If you don’t know Memphis Pizza Café is our all time favorite pizza place.) We were surprised to find a place that had a better taste! When we got back to the hostel we hung out and shared adventure stories and plans. It was really awesome.

Day Eight:

This morning we woke up and shared a big breakfast with all the other hostelers. It was fun to keep sharing stories and getting to know others. After breakfast we headed to check out some local thrift stores. It was neat to cruise around Bozeman and check stuff out. We also had to make a plan for our next move.

The weather forecast put camping out of the picture. Cold we could probably handle but the wet, rainy cold would not be fun. So, we decided on a Hot Springs Resort nearby. We are currently sitting in a small library at this resort. The place is really nice. (and inexpensive!)

Josh and I are both so worn out from traveling and from the altitude. We jumped in the hot spring pool a little while ago and it felt nice. Now we are just chillin’. We don’t really have a plan for our next move yet. We have a few possibilities floating around. Just part of the adventure!

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  1. What an awesome little piece of your adventure! You two are fast becoming the Rick Steves Travel Journal of the US! Stay safe & warm...we miss you so!