Saturday, May 22, 2010


Day Six (part 2):

Alrighty! After we left Starbucks in Rapid City, we went to the (Free!) Dinosaur Park. Honestly it was pretty lame. But of course we got a few pics ‘cause dinos are our thing.

The next stop on the list was Sturgis, SD. This is the location of a giant motorcycle rally. Every summer over 300,000 bikers meet there for races, showing off their bikes and touring the Black Hills. The town was quiet this time of year, but it was really clean and fun to visit. While we were there we did some laundry. Josh’s socks were pretty smelly! And my jeans were about to stand up on their own. Ha!

After this Sturgis, we headed to Deadwood. This is where a lot of old western outlaws hung out and got their names. Now it’s turned into a gaming town, so we didn’t stay. Our next plan was to go to Keyhole State Park in Wyoming. But as we saw the clouds rolling in and heard the weather report we changed our plan. We went up to Devil’s Tower just north of Sundance, WY. This monument blows my mind! It’s this giant rock jutting straight up from the earth with ridges on the sides and a flat top. We didn’t go into the park, but got a bunch of pictures.

The clouds kept rolling in and we really didn’t want to spend another night in the car, so we decided to push on a ways and hit a cheap motel. Currently we are at the Wyoming Motel in Buffalo, WY. Its not too shabby and we get a bed. The tent is hanging up in the shower to dry a little better and we are relaxing. Tomorrow we will reach Yellowstone!!! Yay!!! We will most likely just pass through and get to Grand Teton National Park. We want to spend the next week in that area, hiking and playing and camping. I may not be able to access the internet for another week…so I’m going to leave you in suspense!!

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  1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The top of Devil's Tower was where the aliens returned all the people they took over the years! How awesome! Great to hear from you last night. Keep on enjoying the adventure!

    Luv MOM!