Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Adventure Begins!

The Great Adventure!

Day One:
Our adventure has started! We left not too early from my parent’s house in Germantown, TN. It was one of the most thrilling feeling to drive over the bridge and leave Memphis! We need a break. For sure.
Our drive took us up to Sikeston to visit Josh’s Grandma. We stayed and visited for a bit, then headed down the road. We arrived in St.Louis at Uncle Mike’s and Aunt Kim’s. They kindly allowed us to crash on the couch. Thank you!

Day Two:
This day has truly started our adventures. The first stop of the day is at the St. Louis Zoo. (which is FREE!) There are so many interesting animals on this planet! Unfortunately seeing them in such an enclose place is a little sad. The monkeys were going in circles and we both agreed that they needed more space to run around in.
The second stop of the day was the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Talk about an amazingly awesome place! The tour was FREE! We got to see the aging tanks, the mashing tanks, the brewing pots and the bottling lines. The lines can fill up to 1300 bottles per minute. They were cruising! Plus at the end of the tour we got to “sample” any of their beers.  Josh was very happy about this tour. I certainly enjoyed it very much as well.
After I got a little tipsy on two small glasses of beer (I can’t handle anything!), we went to see the Gateway Arch. That thing is huge! We laid down in the middle of the grass underneath it. It was pretty neat to see the perspective against the clouds.
Later today we are planning to meet my brother Kyle and his girlfriend for dinner. Its going to be a nice little detour to visit to Edwardsville, IL. Yay for randomness!


  1. Thrilled to hear that it'll work out to see Kyle! You know, Dad and I laid on our backs under that arch once...great place to day dream, great way to start your trip. No Six Flags?

    Luvins, Mom

  2. Heather,
    so glad you guys are having such a good time!
    Continuing to pray every day.
    miss you a lot!
    : )