Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Three:
This day was filled with driving! We left St. Louis early and headed on toward Kansas City. Nothing at all on the roads to talk about. We passed through KC and arrived at a little state park in Iowa. It was truly in the middle corn fields.

Day Four:
Another long day of driving. We went though Souix City, IA and then through Souix Falls, SD. In South Dakota we started the drive through a lot of open prairie. It was beautiful in its own unique way.
We did get on stop in Mitchell, SD at the Corn Palace. It was an extremely corny tourist spot, but we had to do it! After a quick stop there and few pictures we hit the road again.
Somewhere in the middle of SD we found an 1880’s town. All the buildings are recovered originals from the time period. Each of the buildings were filled with relics from the olden days. We were really impressed with the vastness of this little town. It felt like we stepped back in time.
We wrapped up the driving with arriving at the Badlands. Its hard to describe the looks of this place. The land is eroded to create pinnacles and plateaus and an empty beauty. We camped at the park in an open prairie area. It was really windy, but the sunset was amazing.

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  1. Oh Heather, you're adventure sounds incredible already, and I'm only through Day Four of reading!! I miss you!

    Katie (Mannnnnnnnddyyyyy)