Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Twenty-five - Thirty-one

Day Twenty-five – Thirty-one:

Let me think…We’ve been busy! Work takes up a bit of time during the day. We’re getting some good hours which is nice. I’m not quite enjoying my job, but its not bad. I like the people I work with and my background at Starbucks helps me enjoy “connecting” with customers. Josh’s job is going well too. He does a lot of walking. Quite a change from sitting at a desk!

We were both off last Sunday, so we went to hike Ribbon Lake. It’s a beautiful hike that leads us through a pine forest to a remote lake. The lake was situated on the top of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We followed one trail that took us to the edge of the canyon for an amazing view. I was a little freaked out being so close to the edge, but it was so beautiful. That hike wore us out quite a bit, but it is so worth it every time. I don’t think we can get tired of hiking.

The next few days we weren’t able to go anywhere. There was a slight oil leak in the car and we were waiting on a part to get to us. Josh was able to fix it very easily though. And then we were free to drive places! This park is so big that we need transportation to get everywhere. There aren’t too many hikes right in this area.

Once the car was fixed we went one evening to Canyon (another area in the park). Near there is a Mud Volcano. We stopped to check it out. Steam is created underground from water being heated by magma. It pushes its way up and in some areas it gushes out through mud, creating a goopy boiling pot. It’s really cool. In other areas there is sulfur steaming up from the ground. It bubbles up into pools of water creating an extremely acidic mixture. Certain types of bacteria (I can’t remember what they are called) live in these extreme conditions. The different types of bacteria are bright colored making rings and trails of colors flowing from the boiling water. Its amazing.

Yesterday I was off all during the day, so while Josh worked I hiked. I hiked the nearby trail called Elephant Back. We had done it before, but I didn’t want to just sit in our dorm room, so I got out. It was very refreshing to just get outside and breathe the fresh air and see the beauty of God’s creation.

Later I went with some friends from work to Lone Star Geyser. That hike was very easy. It was on an old paved road so it was very flat and smooth. There was a beautiful river that wound around the trail. The geyser was a very unique shape. We missed it going off, it had erupted about twenty minutes before we got there and it was going to be another three hours before it went again. We did get to see the steam pouring out of the top which was really neat. We didn’t stay to see it blow since we all had to get back to work.

After all this hiking I’m already a quarter of the way to reaching my One Hundred Miles. (Yeah, I joined the club!) Josh reached his hundred last time he was here. He is now in the Five Hundred Mile Club. I doubt he’ll reach that this year, but if we ever come again he can keep working on it.

And I must tell you that is actually snowing right now. I think we have encountered all four seasons since we’ve been here. It is quite odd. The weather changes suddenly and drastically. And the sun is out for a very long time. It rises before five-thirty and doesn’t go down until after nine. Plenty of light for hiking activities!

I don’t have much else to share right now. Today I got an extra day off. My boss said I’ve been working so hard that he’s rewarding me with a day off. I took it since my legs are so sore from hiking over nine miles yesterday and then bussing tables all night. I don’t mind resting sometimes! And I can update this. We miss you all and would love to hear from some of you!


  1. I am glad you and Josh are haveing an amazing adventure. We miss you guys. Be safe!

    Vicki R

  2. It's been crazy in my world. Please let me come it's so beautiful and peaceful looking of course in order for me to do so it must be all expenses paid(just kiddin)...I'm a little confused if Josh is now a member of the 500 mile club because he has hiked a 100 miles explain the pot belly still I just knew exercise wouldn't get rid of my belly. Ok I guess Heather is keeping you fed I know she's an awesome cook maybe your just maintaining.....Ha/Ha...Seriously missing both of you but looks like you're having the time of your life. I'm jealous to be young again okay I'm not that old but oh to be young again. I'll keep following your blog be safe, praying for your journey every day....Patty/AC

  3. Hey Josh and Heather, it's Andrew and Rick from BP. I'm writing this from the computer and it's 100 segrees outside with a heat index of 107. We just wanted to let y'all know we have been following the blog, and have really enjoyed the pictures. Glad y'all made it out there and hope you are enjoying your new jobs and being at Yellowstone. Keep updating the blog and we look forward to hearing from y'all. Josh give me a call sometime 901.484.5322!!

  4. BTW, Rick lost $100 on the bet that you car wouldn't make it out there. Haha!

  5. HEATHER!!
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time!
    Things are pretty much the same at work. At home I'm making progress on my spinning. Wish you were here to share it. Things are ok at work, Philip is a pretty good shift, which helps the AMs to run smoothly.
    Have to head out for the drive to work. Hope you continue to have great days. Can't wait to hear more.
    love you!

  6. So i just joined this blog and I know I should have a long time ago! But it's so much fun to hear about all of your adventures :) And you need to write on here about the grizzly bear and the coyote you saw today!! WE MISS YOU!!!!! It's not the same without you here in memphis! Not too much has been going on though. I've been taking more dance classes. This next week I have it everyday and on Tues and Thurs from 2:45 to 6! It's exciting! But I can barely feel my legs...hehe. Well like I said all is good here with the fam. But we miss you! LUVINS! I'll keep reading to stay updated :) :)

  7. Sounds like the Gulf oil leak has made it up to Yellowstone! Gooey, goppy muddy lava? How in-ter-esting. I'm glad you found the courage to hike alone on off days, but be careful. Wear those bear bells. :) Heard you saw a grizzly, fortunately, from the car. I'm so glad you married a guy that's good with cars...makes me feel like your car will surely make it home. I cracked up about the BP guys betting on you.

    Well, much work here, little play. Love and miss you, your little mommy