Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day Seventeen - Twenty-Four

Day Seventeen - Twenty-Four:

Well not too much has happened this past week. Josh started work, his job is alright. We’ve met some cool people and hung out with them a little. It rained for almost a whole week straight so we weren’t able to do any hiking.

Last Thursday we played bingo in one of the dorms. It was hilarious. There are a bunch of older ladies that all talk smack and joke the whole time. We’ll probably go again.

One day cleared up a little so we took a muddy hike called Storm Point. It was just a nice easy hike. It goes out to a beautiful view of Lake Yellowstone. One cove off the lake was still full of ice and each way made it sound like glass clattering. It was pretty sweet. I didn’t have my camera on that hike so I didn’t get any pictures, but I won’t forget it again!

I started my job too. It’s ok. I miss Starbucks! My training has been very unorganized and not well put together. We recently learned that Xanterra (the company we work for at the park) is one of the worst companies in America to work for. But oh well, we aren’t here for the jobs!

The sun has stayed out for a couple of days now. Last night we had an area meeting so we couldn’t go hike, and tonight I have to work. Hopefully we will get some time off soon so we can go be outdoors!

It has been difficult for me to get online. There isn’t wi-fi in my dorm so I have to go next door. And its pretty slow. (Technology isn’t a big thing here.) I have more pictures from my last post that I wanted to put on, but it wouldn’t connect. I will do my best to get some posted and let you know what we are up to.


  1. Miss you! Will miss you more at Katy's wedding...leaving tomorrow bright and early. Yea!

  2. Missing you guys too! Backpacker magazine on way to you.


    Mom & Don

  3. Needing gour mailinf address...please text to me soon. Have a care package to send y'all! Glad things are well, although not ideal work-wise. :-) miss tou guys! ~tracy & robbsie

  4. ...oops. that's "your mailing address".

  5. HEATHER!!! I miss you and we miss you at Sbux!! So glad you've been able to get outside some. The summer is still young. Enjoying your posts. Keep them coming when you can.