Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Forty-three - Forty-nine

Day Forty-three – Forty-nine:
Josh’s birthday was this week! We celebrated by going to eat a good meal at Canyon. And also to exchange the gift I bought him. It’s hard to buy clothes for gifts! Thank you to our friends at Baptist! Josh and I really enjoyed the box of goodies. Y’all are awesome! Josh says thanks for the cards and brownies and everything.
This weekend we had a great adventure. Friday evening, after work we drove down to Moose Falls. The falls have a thermal influence which makes the water somewhat warm. We could swim behind the falls and watch the water. It was really fun. The current isn’t too strong either so we could swim around the base.
Saturday morning we drove down to Grand Teton. We planned a long backpacking hike, but found out that half the trail is covered in snow. So we made a slight change and camped at Leigh Lake. There were a few backcountry sites available and it was perfect. It was only two miles to our site which was nice. So we hiked in and set up. Then we took a hike around the lake to see the view of the mountains. It was amazing. The sun was shining just right and the water was so clear and sparkly. Josh did a little texting on the trail too. Surprisingly we got phone service all throughout the park. This is the end of our hike, we arrived at Bearpaw Lake.
The Tetons are my favorite. The forest is more diverse and the mountains are much bigger and closer. The lakes are clearer and prettier. I do love the unique features of Yellowstone, but the Tetons are better in my book.
Camping was fun. We got a little cold at night, it got a little below forty. And the mosquitoes feasted on our legs and arms. But the view and the solitude were fantastic. I woke up pretty early and tried to watch the sunset. I captured some of the early morning colors on the lake. I got too cold though and climbed back in the tent before the sun actually came up. I wasn’t sure how long it would take and I was freezing.
After the sun was up and we got up and moving we did some more hiking. We were pretty tired from the day before and so we went for a short hike. We drove to Jenny Lake which is just south of Leigh Lake and hiked part way around it. The hike goes to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. The falls were beautiful. At the point we could see an amazing view of Jenny Lake. We met a chipmunk too that walked right up to us as we were resting on a rock. He was pretty cool.
Once we got down from Inspiration Point we decided to take the ferry across the lake to get back. It was a nice fun ride. We got a discount too which was sweet. It’s a good thing we took the ferry because we were both so tired and I started to feel really bad. I caught a slight cold from camping in the cool air and from the dust, pollen, campfire and lack of sleep. I am recovering quickly though. I mostly needed some sleep. I dozed most of the way home.
Before we headed home though, we went to Teton Village, a little resort town in the mountains. Its mostly a ski resort, but it was packed on the Fourth of July. We got a good meal which was nicely discounted because the kitchen lost our ticket and we had to wait over an hour for our food. All part of the adventure!
Once we got home I took a short nap. I was beat. It didn’t seem like we did all that much, but after I calculated the miles we hiked it was almost 14 miles. I don’t believe we have done that at one time yet. Its really fun, but it takes some time to get used to.
Here at the Lake Area there was a parade for the Forth. It was funny. There were about ten cars, decorated for the celebration. They threw candy and beads. It was a fun little deal. We didn’t get to see any fireworks. I suppose that is looked down upon in a dry forest area.
We aren’t sure what is planned next. We have a league softball game this week which I will actually be able to play in. I’ve had to work in the evening during all our other games. It should be a good time. Until next time! Later!

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